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About Me

Hi there, Geraldine Smith. Welcome to my little beauty blog, Humordy!

Here’s a little bit about me: I’ve been a self-diagnosed beauty junkie since I was tall enough to sift through my mother’s makeup vanity. Growing up, I remember she would take me to her favorite department store for makeovers at the counters and if I was lucky, she would let the experts do my makeup. (Nothing too crazy, usually moisturizer, blush and lip gloss. But I loved every minute of getting pampered.)

Flash forward several years later to 2016 when I was working for a luxury lifestyle magazine in where I would hoard every beauty product PR reps would send to the office. I loved to chat with my co-workers about all the products I tried and someone finally said, “you should start a beauty blog!” So here I am. From beauty routines to brand reviews to product rankings, I love recommending the best products based on lifestyle and budget. While this is primarily a beauty blog, I do occasionally love sharing my thoughts on luxury handbags and accessories too.

Other basic info about me: This blog is my side hustle. For the last eight years, I’ve worked in marketing across a few different markets. I love that the skills I learn in my 9 to 5 translate to things I can apply to this little beauty blog of mine. I grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland and I currently live in Columbia with my video editor husband and my sweet Persian cat, Doctor Oz.

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