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How Can You Clean Fake Eyelashes with Micellar Water?

Having long eyelashes is a wish that every woman wishes for. Having great voluminous eyelashes help to make your eyes look much adoring and eye-catching. It is not really attainable for everyone to get a great volume of eyelashes due to different reasons.

False eyelashes can come in handy for getting fake eyelashes and fixing it much easier for you. However, fixing of false eyelashes is much easier, but getting them off can be a task of hassle.

We are guiding you on how to clean fake eyelashes with micellar water with easy ways.

Guide to clean your fake eyelashes

The foremost step that you are required to perform is to have a good brand micellar water that is helpful to wash false eyelashes with micellar water without tattering them.

Once you get your organic micellar water, then place your false eyelashes into the bowl of lukewarm water. Let it stay there for 5 to 10 minutes as the lukewarm water will help to remove the excess glue and mascara over it.

After 5 to 10 minutes, take fake lashes out and wipe them with a clean tissue. Make sure there is no water left on eyelash.

Next, you need a clean mascara brush, now take a few drops of micellar water and pour it on fake eyelashes. Once you have poured micellar water, then start brushing eyelashes with mascara brush for removing the residual or dirt in it.

micellar water

The last step would be gently cleaning it up with a dry tissue, and you are done with cleaning of your fake eyelashes.

The summary

In the details stated above, we can conclude to the aspect that using micellar water to clean false eyelashes is much easier if practiced accurately.

Additionally, the guide stated above is cost-effective and will cause no side effects either. So you can practice the steps without any concern.

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