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How to Place Fake Eyelashes without Glue for a Long Time?

The primary thing you notice in a person is eyes and smile. According to a study, average people find eyes more attractive in a person than their actual appearance the most. Additionally, the eyes look much better with voluminous eyelashes.

Those with thin eyelashes can find false eyelashes useful for making their eyelashes look more attractive.

However, not everyone is willing to place the eyelashes with glue as they find it unsafe, so we are guiding you on how to put on fake eyelashes without glue without much hassle.

How to put false eyelashes without glue?

To protect your eyes from getting any itchiness with putting of adhesive, then continue with an easy guide to apply false eyelashes without adhesive and looking much better.

Get yourself self-adhesive fake eyelashes as they don’t require glue for placing them eyelashes to make it voluminous. Additionally, these self-adhesive are much easier to place and get stick to your natural eyelashes for longer.

Consider getting the accurate size of eyelashes that of your natural eyelashes. You need to consider eyelashes length that shouldn’t exceed the length of your natural eyelash. If you are unable to get the accurate size of your eyelash, then it is better to get the one and trim it accordingly.

Stand in a comfortable posture of holding your eyelash tray and hold it while making a thin line on your lash area for specifying the false eyelashes placing.

place fake eyelashes

The application of the false eyelash should be closer as much as possible to the natural eyelash. Nevertheless, make sure false eyelash doesn’t get stick to hair as it will become hard to remove it.

The final judgment

From the details stated above, we can easily learn how you can fix fake eyelashes without glue easily. You can practice this easy guide for looking glam with voluminous eyelash.

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