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Do girls like serious guys or funny guys to date?

Women always love funny guys because romantic connections always interlinked with a laugh. In case you are cracking a jock and women are laughing, then it means she interested in you.  If you have good humor, then you will able to attract a girl with a joke.

You will find a strong interconnection with a level of intelligence and humor. People are using humor; they are more intelligent than others. You will find a majority of the folks are already searching on the Google girls like serious guys or funny guys to date.

So many intelligent people are out there that are putting so many funny things on social networking sites. Women prefer a guy who is already perfect with words.

They like guys who are doing great in the classroom. Let’s discuss men’s difference between serious guys vs. funny guys to date.


If you have good humor, then you can easily attract your crush. As per researchers, women always like a boy who makes them laugh in tough situations. If you are cracking lame jokes and the girl is laughing, then it means she is interested in you.

serious guys

There are so many guys who are looking for the answer of serious guys or funny guys more attractive for girls. If you want to increase the interest of someone’s in you, then it would be better to improve the level of humor.

Make sure that you are exchanging the personal and emotional information that will surely be able to improve the connection with her.

Looking isn’t matter

If any girl is already attracted to men, then look doesn’t matter. It is proven that girls always prefer those guys who are good at humor and looking

If you are the last bencher and performing well in the classroom, then you can easily attract your favorite girl. Apart from that, you will find so many girls are out there who are searching for good looking guys

All you need to do something interesting that can easily attract someone with whom you want to spend your whole life.

Wrap up

Finally, in order to attract any girl, then one has to make a smile here. Make sure that you are always making a genuine smile to her.

You will have to crack some good jokes in front of her. If possible, then you should communicate with her on a regular basis.

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